Sunday, November 4, 2012


My Brother came over yesterday and helped me take AMAZING photo's of my quilts to revamp my Etsy site. Have a look at  Michael's Flickr 
 So here is one, and here is the link to  My Etsy Site

Now at Easter, in Malta Figoli is what they eat, and it is sooo yum. You cannot buy it where we live so my wonderful in laws make it, I have done it in the past, but it is alooot of work and the mixture makes alot and it is soooo yummy and I just end up eating all of it and gaining alot of weight :). I am going to make it next year and get the whole family to make it a tradition. See, this is what it looks like
 And this is what is in the middle, it is an almond meal, sugar and other stuff that I can't remember :) but it is sooo yum.

If you want to try some, the wonderful in laws gave us some, so kind, come on over in the next couple of days before we eat them. :)


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