Sunday, November 4, 2012


Well, Schoooool's backkkkk :) Holiday begin!! Even though I am very busy with all the back to school stuff and homework etc, but the quiet during the day is very nice.

So with all my time, this is what I am working on. This is my awesome pearlescent paint that I add to the original colour. It makes the colour a bit lighter, giving it a pastel look if you put enough pearlescent in. Very cool.

Of course there will be lots of leaves :) what a surprise. I had fun, so much fun. The idea came from watching a tv show called Once Upon a Time, it is sooooo much fun. Very addictive and enthralling.

I am also trying so very hard to have a healthy lifestyle, lots of fruit and no bad snacking. I am setting myself once a week to have something nice. I really need to lose the weight, story of my life.

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