Friday, November 9, 2012

A Couple of Things

While I have a spare few hours (ha!) I have been working on these.....

This is a baby quilt for a friend, she has i girl and two boys, and when she got pregnant she really really wanted a girl :) the two boys are really boys :) so she is so excited to have a girl. So pink and purple were in order. The trees have owls in two of them and the other two have gorgeous little baby birds and then one square with the whole family portrayed as cute birds.

This one is so fun! I love swirls and bright colours and I could see this in my head sooo clearly and so far it has turned out the way I want it. YESSSSS! that is pretty rare so I am pretty happy about that.

So I am nearly finished doing the baby quilt and then I can work on filling this with wonderful fun free motion work. wohoooo. 
On another note, bought some weed killer, tons of bindi in our backyard, and sprayed it yesterday, no rain expected for a few days at least, the weed killer doesn't work so well with rain in the first 24 hours. So what do you think it did today?? Of course it rained. Man!! Oh well, we'll see if it has killed them off. 

Now I am off to watch So you think you can dance, I love it, think it rocks. What do you like to watch? 


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