Sunday, November 4, 2012


Ok so this is what I am working on now.
I am sewing the leaves onto the wash away, I will be filling them in with a lighter green and then as it is called, I will just wash away the filmy fabric and the leaves are just left.

 Then I will stick them on these vines

I am not so sure about the tree, something is off and I don't like the symmetry or something about it.
Needs more light green leaves maybe?

So here's to trying something different :)
Anyone reading anything interesting lately? I need to find some more great authors with tens of books to their name :).  Also I am again starting the menu planner, are there meals that you love that you could  share with me? I saw a show where each night had a theme - monday roast night, Tuesday Mexican etc. Weighing up whether that would be easier. Just want to try different meals.

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