Sunday, November 4, 2012


I thought this week that I have a great life. My kids are healthy and listen to me just enough so that they stay alive :), I am healthy and my husband has a great job. On top of all this, once I have finished my hetic household schedule :) I have time to myself. I love being a stay at home mum and sooo enjoy every moment of it. So with the time that I have had this week, this is what I have done....

This was something I just wanted to make out of fabric, it's great just playing with fabric

This one is another swirl one, since I love swirls why not do more :) and this is with the pearlescent paint added to the colours and it is only about 20cm wide and about 1 1/2 metres long, so it is a bit different with the size.
 Close up

 This is for my sister in-law, who wants something for her iphone to absorb the vibration at night so it doesn't wake her up :) it is about 15cm/15cm.
 This is my Australia quilt, nearly finished... and I don't think it looks so much like a tourist tea towel now :) those are whales in the water :)

Just finishing up the water.

Went to a craft show on Thursday with a couple of friends and it was so much fun to go with them. The show was really small and we were done in about two hours, but I got a really fun watch there :) but no craft stuff.
Today I bought the most gorgeous shoes, and wow was it fun :) gorgeous shoes make me feel gorgeous I have discovered :) I will have to tell Hubby that this will occur every week to keep me feeling gorgeous hehehehe

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