Sunday, November 4, 2012


I can't decide what I love more, painting on fabric or sewing the free motion on the quilts. Time seems to be disappearing even faster than I remember and I can't seem to fit them both in. A little of both will have to keep me happy :) So here is two more paintings I have finished and I have already started sewing on the Believe one.

 There are little creatures all over this quilt, just for fun :)

 I got the tiniest drop of water on my brush with the paint, and look what happened, will have to sew around it heavily to hide the bleed.

I sold another quilt on Etsy wohooo :) and have a commission thanks to my brother, so that is pretty cool. I will be a millionaire by the time I am 150 :)
Talking about time, how much time does it take to do homework?? It seems to be longer than an afternoon :) My afternoons seem to last for two days hehe but at the same time they are enjoyable, so I am happy.
And why does it always feel like it is 2pm in the blink of an eye?? Soon I have to leave so I can wait for 30 minutes at school just to get a car park, crazy but life hey.

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