Sunday, November 4, 2012

Another Finished

Finished another wall hanging. Now I can start on the Australia quilt. I always start a quilt by staring at it and wondering what on earth I am going to do with it :). No different this time, actually it is a bit harder since I have the map to follow. I am hoping this will be good enough for the QLD quilt show.

I need to name this one and have no idea... got any?
School holidays are slowly coming to a close. The fighting makes me feel like I have failed as a mother, guilt follows me like the screaming voices :) it is such a wonderful feeling. Today I got the kids to mop parts of the house, the oldest daughter said 'how boring'(with loads of teen attitude too) and I replied with welcome to my life :) she didn't say anything else hehehe. Then I go them to vacuum their rooms. They did it, and didn't complain that much. The mopping didn't make my life easier but that isn't the point :) but the vacuuming was great :). Now I just need to get them cooking dinners and my life is so much easier hehehehe.
Exercised twice today, so I expect to be wayyy skinnier when I wake up tomorrow :)

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