Sunday, November 4, 2012

New and Finished

I went onto a great website that I found called Kraftkolour and they had new products in and wow!! They had new metallic fabric inks and the colours were incredible, so I just had to buy some. Have a look at these.......

I got Cerise, turquoise, old gold, power red and firenze orange :) how cool are those names

And of course they look even more spectacular in real life and much more sparkly.
And the tubes behind are another type of metallic paint that sits up off the fabric and looks sensational too. So I am going to be playing with those in the next few days.

I also finished the baby quilt, and am quite happy with this one. I am about finished with the lap quilt I am making right now too, this one has been fun just to free motion over all the space of the quilt. I am hoping to finish it this weekend and then finish off another where it is swirls, of course:), and it will all be done with thread, all different shades of blue.
I finished a book the other day and it was sooooo corny and unrealistic and silly romantically, but I didn't miss a page or stop reading :) what is the go with that? I gave it to Sam to read as well and told her how bad it was so it will be interesting to see if she reads it all too :) Just finishing up a Dirk Pitt adventure, by Clive Cussler, it is far fetched too but still a good read.


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