Sunday, November 4, 2012

America The Beautiful

I know school holidays have started when I mop the floor and it is dirty that night. Why do I bother?? :) Anyway, to keep me sane through the holidays I have been working on the U.S quilt. But saying that I think that, this actually might drive me nuts :) and I am dieting so no chocolate to help me through. ughhh

This is taking quite along time. I would love to be able to put items on Etsy  every couple of weeks. So I won't be making one this big for a while. I am half way through painting and still need to do my thread magic :) 
Watched This Means War last night, gave me a few laughs and a great perv at the two gorgeous men. So a winner for me :) Watched anything good lately?
p.s any ideas of how to get through a day without eating chocolate?

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