Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New Commission

I am working on another baby quilt at the moment along with 4 wall hangings that will match the quilt.
All I have managed to do is the blue sky. School holidays absorb time!!

Talking about school holidays, we took the kids to see Despicable Me 2 yesterday and it was so funny and cute. Just loved it. It was so cute listening to kids laughing and really enjoying themselves. Nice.

A surprise activity that the kids have been doing a lot is bubble blowing!! Right now they are playing outside chasing them around just having a great time. Who would have thought! And we have the most perfect weather today!! Winter and its not cold, beautiful blue sky..... not a cloud in sight and the sun is gorgeous and warm. Such a perfect day.

I know that it is a bit hard to see the patterns, will paint them in and you will be able to see them better...

So these are the squares for the quilt and the wall hangings. Cute owls and birds mum and dad and baby :). Now to do the green parts. Love how the sky looks.

Still fighting the urge to shovel anything sweet and remotely looking like a chip into my mouth :) Will it ever go away? And it would help if I look like I have lost weight, I would love to lose the rolls of fat around my side :) I have gone from 4 to 3 hehehehhe so I am slooooowly getting there. I really really wanted to eat a snack sized cherry ripe last night but beat it!! yesssss. Had crackers and tuna today for lunch and it was ok. I bought some expensive tuna that was on special and told my hubby he better not like it too much as this was too dear to buy normally :) and of course when we had it today it was gorgeous!! I will see how much it is in a large tin and buy little containers for H at work. The joys of thinking about every minute thing you eat!! How do you get through it? 

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