Monday, July 22, 2013

So Fun

Have started on the Italian dream piece and have been working on the sky. It is so much fun to do this. I am absolutely enjoying it and would love to do nothing else but this :) reality pushes in and I have to stop.

Don't you just love it!!! :) I am so enjoying fitting in the feathers into little spots that are just asking for them :). And those trees...... just so cute.

Went shopping today and finally bought myself a slow cooker. I cannot make casseroles. They taste terrible when I make them and the house smells :) so I thought maybe a slow cooker will fix that hehehehe What is your favourite thing to cook in a slow cooker?

And I finished watching Scandal and wow is that a fantastic show and I am sooooo waiting for the next season. Love it. Now watching reruns of Person Of Interest, sooooo good. 

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