Thursday, June 27, 2013


Was finishing off the sky on the italian piece last night and strolling through other peoples blogs and looked at their work, looked at mine and... blah comparing is such a horrible thing!

So I thought no I will not mope!! So I laid out the finished piece and took photo's and made myself believe that this was good enough, not what I wanted but oh well :) The sky is a bit too shaky for me, I have done the lines wonky? There is something I am not happy with but .... paint once on fabric :) that's it now.

The barn doesn't look straight!! but I am sure it is :)

The house is straight, if you look on an angle :)

Hay bales, you knew that without me having to tell you right?:)

Ok, so school holidays still, hmmmmm I will get through it is my new mantra :) just the fighting drives me crazy!!
Anyway I am reading what Alice forgot by Liane Moriarty and am really enjoying it. She hits her head and forgets everything from the past ten years.

Now I am off to start on a new commission for a baby quilt with a wall hanging!! :) very exciting. It means I can shop for fabric with no guilt and someone else's money wohoooo :)


  1. The sky looks awesome! And have you read that book before? I have read it, it was good :)

  2. It adds uniqueness to your handmade Italian piece. It's beautiful Jane

  3. Thanks girls :) I feel better :)