Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I have found another place to add to my list of places to travel to one day. This place....

Oh my does this look glorious?? I think so. It is called Berneray in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland and I want to go there. Now would be nice :) but oh well, staring at these pictures at my desk will do. What's on your list?

Shock horror that I opened my blog about something other than quilting!! Back to it!! If you can't tell from my blog I love thread. Really love it. I dream about and look on google for drawers and units to store thread, mainly these units cost more than my thread is worth :) reality does not factor in dreams, and then I dream about owning every single colour in the marathon thread range as well as the superior thread range and how much money I would need for all that :) details in a dream are very important. So anyway, reality again and I love having so many different coloured threads to blend and make the quilt as good as it can be. These are the blues that I used for the sky. There was one more but I put it away and in typical fashion can't remember which one it was now :) 

 Gorgeous aren't they!!

Sky finished.....

 Gorgeous little feather

And these are the greens I am planing to use somehow on the hills etc. Still working out how to do it. Would love to do it the same as the sky but want a difference too. So still thinking... could take a
while :)

Oh and we placed another geocache on the weekend and that was so fun and we found one too, need to do more of them you forget how much fun it is. But our geocache got six people trying to be first to find the cache and three of them turned up at the same time :) So our goal is to really get out there and go for lots of walks and adventures and find lots of geocaches. Give it a go, it is so much fun. 

I have also started doing this again, she used to be called body rock and now has gone out on her own. Her workouts are the best and so to lose the jaba the hut chins I am giving myself 12 minutes of pain every morning and then some mornings going for a walk straight after. Legs are jelly, it hurts to get up after sitting but I feel Amazing!!! So strong  and confident, I know it sounds like a sell but I really do. I feel so good that I can do these workouts. Go me :) Come and join me some time, it would be fun to work out together :) No chocolate today, that hurts just as much as the exercise hehehehhe but I am trying.

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