Wednesday, July 10, 2013

So Far

School is back, the house has been cleaned and I am sewing!! I am so glad I have found something that makes me happy  :) Here are a few photos of progress so far

Loving the tree trunk :)

This is gorgeous fabric so I just shadowed the design and it looks fantastic, well I think  it does :)

Love the leaves too...


Just watched a Miss Marple movie and of course it was fantastic. I wonder when those movies air whether the sales in villages go up :) It seriously looks idyllic and divine :) it never rains, its never cold, everyone is so very nice, well except for the murderer but you know that he/she will be gone soon so that's ok :) and all the houses are gorgeous and the gardens are in full bloom oh and no one has to work. What a life!! I want one of those too please :). The only reason it would suck is if you were the victim, but hey you got to live in a gorgeous village for a while before someone killed you :).

Back to reality now, which is pretty good for me - sewing and watching a new show for me, Scandal, love it.

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