Monday, April 1, 2013


Well what a nice Easter weekend that was. Went to see yachts take off for a big race, less boats than I expected, but still really cool. There were market stalls galore and we had a nice time looking around. It was very hot though, so we didn't look too long.

Saturday was spent getting the yard all neat and looking fantastic, and I love feeling tired from good physical labour. And the yard looks fantastic too. Church yesterday and of course that was lovely and today family for lunch and friends for dinner. Very relaxing and fun. Good thing I mega cleaned the house in the morning.

School holidays now so it will remain to be seen how much creating I get done. I have nearly finished the baby quilt and I am really loving how it looks.

The back, most of the times the back looks just as good as the front :)

Little cute elephant waiting for his free motion work...

Feathers that turned out real well...

Got a few things I am churning over in my head, thinking of doing something real different for me, lets see if that works :)

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