Monday, April 8, 2013

Great Stuff

I ordered some new thread from Superior threads, their new Magnifico thread and I have used it and think it is fantastic. I do not work or get any incentive for this post, purely just letting you know this thread rocks!!:)

I only got a couple, to test them out, these are the colours I got, I also got a gorgeous corn coloured one that I had trouble locating.

They are 40w so nice and thick and you can see it, this is what I like, and it feels so good, nice and strong and thick. No breakage and it is like butter to sew with. Now to add to my tiny amount :) 

Have been working on these...

I wanted this one to look something like a peacocks feather... in person the green is gorgeous and looks like it ripples across the piece.

Another of my swirls, this time on black to see how much it pops, I am really liking it...

Off to clean the house for the millionth time again today, school holidays ugghh for that otherwise they have been fine.

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