Saturday, April 27, 2013

Such Gorgeous Weather!!

The weather has been so perfect here, glorious blue skies and hardly any clouds, with a perfect breeze. So off we went to the beach. The kids swam and made sandcastles, friends came too so we relaxed on the sand chatting and enjoying the gorgeous weather. Could have stayed there all day.....

Yesterday I finished binding both the black swirl one and the green swirl one.  Binding takes so long and is not enjoyable, but something has to go around them.

Gorgeous isn't it!

They found a huge branch on the beach, so thought they could use it as a boat :) you can see it poking out....

hahahaha this was the result. Funny kids :)

This looks soooo much better in person. The green just glows and shimmers

This is another bad photo of black swirls :)

Love the backs as much as the fronts....

Gorgeous orange swirl

So now I am working on this, will add 3d leaves and flowers and birds nest and maybe even a bird :) In my head the bird looks great :) let's see how it looks in real life :)



  1. All these photos are amazing! The detail in the black swirly one is incredible...and I am not just saying that! But I really look forward to the tree being done, I love it to pieces already!

  2. Thanks, here's hoping it all turns out the way I want it to :)