Friday, April 12, 2013

Black and White

I have finished painting the black swirls and I think that it looks all right....

Now to iron it and then have more fun with the free motion. Sometimes I think about owning a long arm where it would take me a day to do this, such a nice dream :) and so much fun. Only problem would be finding somewhere to house the thing. I really need my own sewing room, maybe the kids can share :) because that would make my life easier hehehe, but then again, it wouldn't matter as I could just escape into my sewing room :). Oh well, back at my desk with the kids fighting with each other over minecraft. 

I got another urge to cut up fabric, so this time I am trying a black and white design, will post photos when there is more than just squares to show. Or maybe not at all if I stuff it up :) my skill is not in piecing at all. 

Reading another Michael Connelly at the moment and really enjoying this one too. Want to read a really good family saga/chick lit but the ones I pick all suck so I will just keep trying. 

School back countdown: 3 days. (it's the noise more than anything else)


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