Saturday, April 13, 2013


Relax day, watching conference today at home, even more relaxing :). Then I can read a book and have a nice relaxing afternoon. Lasagna I think for dinner tonight.... do you get tired of cooking every single night?? Trying to make something yum with whatever is left in your cupboard days before payday? Mince is usually on our menu. Not a big fan of it, but went to a good butcher and wow the mince is soooo much better than supermarket variety. Makes it easier going down :).

Nearly finished sewing the little bits of squares and strips together and maybe tomorrow can piece the whole quilt together. Now I have two ideas in my head and so want to do them as well. One I want to do on some raw silk I have mmmmmm it's like a very special treat to use it and have been waiting for that special idea :)

Have been playing Dark Parables rise of the snow queen, it is a big fish game and it is a puzzle and hidden object game and its very fun. I am playing it on my ipad and the puzzles get harder each one so that's good.

Off to watch conference.

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