Thursday, April 18, 2013

Must be Mad

Okay, I finished piecing the black and white quilt. Surprisingly to me, there is only one join where the squares don't match up enough to notice :) that's pretty amazing don't you think :) I can count on one hand how many pieced quilts I have made, so I am happy with that :) But now that it is all put together I have realised how big it is and that I have to fit it under my domestic machine :( where is that long arm I dreamed about? Aren't our dreams supposed to come true?:) So I might go a bit mad(or madder) pulling and prodding this thing around my machine.

Just started on the black swirl, loving doing the free motion work

Went for a run with the kids this afternoon, training for cross country so I run too, need to train to lose 10 kilo's :) and we saw a koala, it is in the first branch on the right of the tree. Just gorgeous.

And this doesn't look real but this was a storm a couple of days ago that looked like a tornado was going to hit us. It was an amazing storm, the wind going through the trees was so loud and violent. It rained enough to wet all the kids just in time for school pick up :)

So now I am off to make a delicious beef stir fry. Was in the butcher and the smell from something cooking was soooo divine. I asked them what they were cooking and they said the stir fry so I bought it  since it smelt so good. What a good marketing tool :) and so easy for me to cook. Nice. 

I need something to read. Any suggestions????


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