Monday, August 26, 2013


This week has been a bit full on. A few things happened this week...... I have worked out why I am so tired, found out that my daughters eyesight is rapidly deteriorating and that my son got bullied so bad at school.

So.... tiredness. My eyes have been streaming lately, at first it just started with them watering but this last week they were just watering constantly. So we were booked in to see the optometrist for my daughter and that is where we found out her eyesight is deteriorating too quickly, but thankfully there is a great solution of wearing contacts at night and then you don't need glasses during the day. A bit expensive but so worth it to saver her eyes. I would love to do it too. Hopefully this will work in slowing down the myopia. So I asked the optometrist quickly if she could have a look at my eyes and she said I had a virus and from that a severe allergic reaction. Gave me two names of drops to put in my eyes and they are getting so much better and that sheer exhaustion is gone :) wohoo. So good news there.

My son is tiny, much smaller than other children, my genetic fault sad to say :) and this week he got tackled by some kid and then it got worse the next day, he strangled him and hurt his neck a lot. The school was fantastic and dealt with it straight away and I was satisfied with the outcome. So he is much better and isn't bothered by it at all. Good. :)

So a full on week but with a great outcome, very happy with that.

I have finished this........

Bound it in a gorgeous gold fabric that I have run out of and have decided that it is gorgeous for bindings so will have to go find some more. I am really happy with this and now just have to find some wall space to hang it :)

So the next quilt will be a whole cloth quilt on raw silk mmmmm gorgeous  and a swirl pattern with all sorts of designs all over it. You'll love it and want to buy it from my etsy store :).

Read a great book by Dorothea Benton Frank and will be getting some more of hers, just a great read.


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