Thursday, August 15, 2013

Feathers Again :)

I finished the actual flower and I am real happy with it. I love how the red blends in with the oranges.

 This might actually qualify for an okay shot!!! :)

Gorgeous feathers

Blending.... love it

Progress so far

Went to our version of a state fair, and the kids were in heaven holding chicks :)

Then we had chicken for lunch :) hehehehhe

Hopefully I can get this quilt to be good enough for the quilt show and that will be four I can enter, odds are getting more in my favour :) I just love doing this and that will be enough if I don't win. Maybe :)
Busy weekend ahead but it's full of family so that is nice, tired thinking about it though so will have to have chocolate on hand. And talking about being healthy, I did an awesome workout this morning and I felt soooo good after doing this. Need to get rid of that belly!!!
Have a great one

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