Thursday, August 8, 2013

So Tired!!

Why do we wake up tired:)? I do remember waking up feeling refreshed for a while :) I exercise and this helps a lot, but this week I am really tired. I think that hormones have kicked in at the moment and I am hoping this will pass. I have even gotten pimples!! And I was never one to get pimples. And they scar too!! How dare they :) And then a cold sore or 4 came along too. Like I said hormones be gone hey :) I just had a nice small piece of cake mmmmmmmmm now I feel better :).

So, I have finished the Italian dream quilt.... tell me what you think....

Love the feathers so much....

This is my favourite part of the quilt

This is the latest project, my love for blending paint resulted in this

Love Love Love the middle bubbles

I have used 4 different colours of gold thread for the petals and now have started with the oranges, there are 4 of these also, then the reds oh it is just soooo much fun :)

Second orange thread...

I wanted to paint my sewing machine but it wouldn't stick :) so I got some swirl rub ons from the craft shop and I want a bit overboard hehehhe but I love it :)

More :)

don't forget the lid....

Love these ones, they look like they are coming out of the vent

why not more :)

 Ok, so I know waaaay too much but it was fun and I love it :)

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