Monday, September 9, 2013


Wow!!! Did a workout this morning, and it hurt!! And it hurts every time I get up :) I know I am losing weight when that happens. I have even done this workout before but that didn't help :) My butt better look great that's all I think of when that pain kicks in:)

On other news, I went to sign up to be a member of QLD quilters again, only so I can enter the show, you need to be a member, and went on the website and found that the entries had closed to the show this year and I had missed the deadline by 5 days! :) So on the bright side I saved myself $100 in joining and quilt entry fees. So now I am uploading those quilts onto etsy  so I can sell them and feel even better than if I had won a prize, and that is a big IF :).

So now I need to work on taking a better photo than this.........

Hehehhehe straight would be good :) And some cooking classes too would be good, I have lost the ability to make a decent meal!! Last night I made a really yummy chicken casserole in the slow cooker and I used a chicken curry recipe base and it didn't seem that hot. But then we sat down for dinner and wow, it must have fermented while in the slow cooker hehehe it was spicy! Yum But spicy. but too spicy to eat with enjoyment. I just don't cook like I used to. I totally think it is because I have cooked every night for the last.... well 30 years as I cooked most meals when I was at home, even as a kid. So the consensus is - I am over it. :) Wish it was that easy hey.

Anyway, for a break I am going away with a friend for a few days soon so I am really looking forward to that, No cooking there!! no way!!:)

That cool author I mentioned last post, Dorothea Benton Frank, well I read another book and loved loved loved it. Now I am about to try a Jim Butcher novel, it sounds great.

Oh and I made some deeeeeelicious choc chips biscuits, quick come over and get some before we eat them all and then I get up too early in the morning and work them off :) all that pain for a choc chip biscuit mmmmmmmmmm


  1. This one is absolutely amazing, such striking colours! It would have won for sure!!!
    And here is a great way to test your cooking ability....get your husband to make dinner and then compare and you will find your cooking is fabulous! But truely your cooking is fabulous Jane :) I ain't coming for a cookie , I'm on day one of healthy eating!!! but your cookies are sooooo good!!! how can I resist... don't ask me if I want one!

    1. Hehhehehe I agree, I resisted and didn't have one after dinner :) Go me!!