Thursday, August 1, 2013


Ok, so I have finished the hills and I think they look great. I am really happy with this piece and I love that feeling of getting something right :) Now the judges at QLD Quilt Show have to feel that way too :)

The fields, just having waving lines over these

Forgot to share this a few weeks ago, we went a friends place and they keep snakes as pets :) and the youngest had a hold, very brave really :)

On the weekend we went to the beach and it was a spectacular day, middle of July, our winter and it was warm and glorious. Middle child loving being at the beach and searching for shells

What a vista.....

This path goes for many kilometres and winds it way along the beach, so many people bike along it, how pleasant does it look :)

 I love how the sun glints off the water, beautiful

The kids pretending this was quick sand :)

Love love love shells

One of my most favourite things to collect at the beach is glass, and I love how it gets smoothed and worn from the sand and the water. 

Did some more Zuzka yesterday and I think that was the most painful exercising I have ever done in my life!!! I have back muscles that hurt today!!! Sweet, there goes those back rolls of fat:) I have lost weight again this week which is huge for me as I haven't lost weight in so long. So more of those punishing workouts for me :) some of them I actually enjoy. 

Off to do some more geocaching. We want to really increase our number, we are woefully low and so we want to hit 50 very soon :). 

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