Monday, June 17, 2013

New Stuff and Ticks :)

Well we all had a Saturday free so off for some family time together geocaching, so we headed to a local park and went off the beaten track, found the best geocache, it was so much fun, then moved onto the next one. Didn't find that one which is always a bummer but oh well, came home had home made chips and chilled out. The next day middle daughter says my ear is itchy, well yuck she had three ticks, tiny tiny tiny ones behind her ears. We were in church hehehehe so out we go to the first aid kit and find the tweezers and pull them out, ughhhh so gross.

When we get home we check ourselves thoroughly, we had done this the day before but because they were so small we missed them but by now the ticks were irrating the skin so there was a red patch around them so it was a bit easier to spot :), and poor middle child had 8!!! Poor thing. It is soooo hard to get ticks out with a screaming moving thrashing child :) but champion me did it while hubby held her down :). Then the other kids had one and three. Then we had to check ourselves and we had one each ughhhh but we got them all out except for some gross pincher left in middle child's back and I didn't want to dig so I took her to the doctors and he got it out. Yuck. So we are debating whether we ever go off the beaten track again :) Middle child fell over in the bush so we think she fell into a big nest of them. shiver just thinking about it.

The other down side was because we found so many we washed everything we had touched and I had at last count 9 loads of washing that I did and folded in the last two days, along with mega cleaning the floors in case they were lurking :) Hubby cleaned the car and vacuumed like a trooper. It looks great :) one benefit there :) So now to rest :)

Went to French and Mor for morning tea with friends mmmmmmmmm the pastries are works of art.

I did this before the tick infestation :) it is for my daughters youth group for their notice board, I wanted to do something to make it look a bit prettier :) hope it works hehehehe

I absolutely loved blending the paints and think it turned out better than I hoped for which is so cool :)

Finished product, now to free motion all over :)

A couple of weekends ago I went a saw a local production of Phantom of the Opera and wow!! It was fantastic and I loved it so much. It was captivating and mesmerizing and I will be going to more of their productions. They are called the Savoyards and they are so professional.
Off to paint a flower with the blending method I am in love with, never painted a flower before so something new for me :) if it is any good I will show you, if it sucks, maybe not :)

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