Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How Many...

I finished the black and white quilt, wow were there a few mistakes on that thing :) Once I started sewing I noticed that the backing fabric was a bit short on one side, so I had to add some more :) so professional hehehe. But I love the pattern, each diagonal has the same repeating pattern. It was really quite hard to get it through a normal domestic machine but it was fun still.

I'm liking the wavy lines at the moment... nice and fast

Squares too, they are nice and quick and have a good effect

Did this for Sam and it was nice a quick and cute. Outlined everything and added some cute bubbles and patterns to it.


I have been thinking about working on something for the young women in our ward, something nice to put on their notice board. So I thought I would do the young women's logo... Let's see if turns out looking like it :) This is just a template of course

I watched the first episode of Defiance, and I really like it. I thought it was well done and will definitely watch more.

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