Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Some More

I dream of travelling through the Italian countryside with the sun burning bright, seeing beautiful buildings and imagining living in one of them....... nice dream :) Since this dream won't come true till we are retired, I made this....

Before the sky was painted...

Trees with shadows!! Me!! I did that!:)

Don't you love the arms :) just the best shot of the sky

Lots of gorgeous swirls with light and medium blue and a gorgeous turquiose

The other night the moon was sensational... and the camera actually captured it great


School holidays, only day two and am already very tired. Add to that snoring from husband during the night due to a cold and I am real tired. Anyone else with snoring husbands? It is rather annoying :) I am told when I am really tired I snore, but only a little, but since I am dead to the world I don't hear it and therefore doesn't bother me hehehhe :) 

I have nothing to read!! I finished a book called little black dress by Susan McBride and loved it and I giving plasma tomorrow and this takes a while so I neeeed a book. Will have to reread an Agatha Christie :) 

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