Saturday, March 29, 2014

Gorgeous Orange

Finished the Time Heals art quilt and have already sold it too :) very exciting really :). From something that I thought was childish, and still think that in a way, to selling three of them :) very cool.

Watches and time pieces instead of leaves....

Her heart is stitched/healed together with time. I will take a close up shot so you can see it better. She has a nose too, you just can't see it due to my fantastic photographic skills.

I decided to make something different instead of another Felicity design. I used a piece of fabric that I had dyed ages ago. It really makes me want to dye more fabric, but it is a bit tricky and expensive when it goes wrong :) I thought that I might try using my fabric paints and wet the fabric and see if that gives the same effect. I have so much paint so why not try it. 

This design is of a big leaf with mosiac type patterns inside each leaf. I am so in love with this orange. I haven't used it as I love it so much. I can't replicate it as I hand dyed of course. But there is no use to it sitting in my cupboard either. So this will get me to experiment with the paint. 

It is real hard to see the design. Will take better photo's again :) I will start painting and it will be easier to see too. Can't wait for that. Now for a break in cooking for me, take away :) mmmmmm.

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