Sunday, April 13, 2014

Want Rain ?

Every time we have planned to go for a bush walk to a gorgeous mountain near us it rains!. So if you want rain, I will plan to go bush walking :) I am thinking positive thoughts that it will stop raining in about ten minutes, the sun will come out and it will all dry out till Tuesday morning :) Then it can rain. Alas, this does not look likely. Instead I will go shopping, bummer.

We have school holidays at the moment and we were going to take the kids to the great barrier reef, but then we decided we want to go to the U.S so we are saving our money for that. So we have planned something for each day of the holidays. We have gone to the museum and the science centre, hmmm won't be doing the science centre again,

Funny shots at the science centre :)

 then the beach

 - it even clouded over for us then!,

animal show,

Bearded dragon


Squirrel glider

Sugar glider

Barking owl and it really does bark like a dog :)

Shopping with their allowance and bowling. We went to a helicopter show that was a bit of a fizzer but still cool to see the helicopters.

So going for a bushwalk tomorrow is about the only day we can do it. You watch, it won't rain for the rest of the week :). Some farmer really needs this rain and I am whining :)

I found a fantastic looking vintage shop the other day and so I am really looking forward to going back and having a look at the gorgeous goodies.

I have done the painting on the Leaf.... not sure what to call it, maybe something with Mosaic in it.....

Okay, so I went and made dinner in between, scrumptious enchiladas and potato bake mmmm and we were discussing cosplay and dressing up and I said that if I was hot I would be wonder woman and my son says " but mum wonder woman is skinny!" hahahahahahahahaha he just kept on playing on his computer :) soooooo funny :)

Found a good author that I am enjoying, Hester Browne and have found some fun shows on Hulu. Rehab Addict is fun, it would be great to be able to use all sorts of tools and be gorgeous and skinny as well as do up houses to look amazing :) that is what I will be when I grow up.
Tired, had sick kids and have been up all sorts of hours and times looking after them. Sleep.

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