Thursday, March 27, 2014

Nearly Done

I have nearly finished my next Felicity piece, this one called Time Heals. I just need to put the binding on it.

I will get a better shot once it is binded :) 

My signature tree, with time pieces

Her broken heart, pieced back together with time

words throughout the quilt

It has finally rained here and hasn't stopped for days. It has been very nice. Had to catch the bus to school for a couple of days due to the rain and the second mode of transport being a motorbike :) so the kids thought that was fun hehehe. The second day we arrived at the bus stop to Fire engines and the electricity truck, all the fuss was over a gorgeous Chevrolet classic 1950's car that had ploughed through a fence and hit the house. The car didn't look too bad, just sad to see such a gorgeous car damaged at all. Not sure about the house, poor owners. So that was more fun for the kids :) 

Going to do some cooking tomorrow, a baked cheesecake that sounds divine, from a Mrs Fields cookbook and some biscuits and a wicked chocolate cake. Yes I am still trying to lose weight :) I am still doing my extra exercise every week. This week was walking home from school. Took me a very brisk 45 minutes. 

Was going to go for a bush walk this weekend, but due to the rain, we will do that another time. Will take the kids to Daiso instead and we need good church shoes and donuts :). That still sounds fun. Would rather bush walk, but the other idea is great too :)

Now I need to work out whether I am going to do another Felicity and get all the idea's I have for her out on fabric or do another design I have.... I know, so important and complicated. My life is full of hard decisions.

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