Saturday, March 1, 2014

Felicity Again

I finished another Felicity art quilt and it is now up on Etsy  waiting for someone to buy her so she can feel loved :). I am having so much fun doing these and it is nice and quick getting them out. I still want to put together a huge quilt with triangles all over and full of soft reds, pinks, greens and whites but the thought of how long I will spend on this quilt and time away from making more Felicity dreams stops me :) cloning would be handy wouldn't it?? I would make about three of me, one to clean and cook, one to make big quilts and the other to be a perfect mother. Bliss.

I got my paints, so quick and they are divine!! Have a look at these gorgeous colours! And the gloss and shine to these paints are amazing! It doesn't come through the camera, you need to see them in person to see how yummy they are :) I will be spending all day tomorrow experimenting with these gorgeous paints.

Bright greens, gorgeous yellow and a copper colour mmmmmmm


This black is actually called gold black and even though the photo doesn't show it too wel, there is gold flecked through this black paint!!! suuuuper coooool

You can see the sparkle to this paint, weirdly the photo has shown this as blue even though it is a gorgeous purple.... really need those photography lessons :)

The name of this gorgeous paints/inks...

I actually did ramp it up on the exercise front this week and wohooooo I can see results already!! I know I am slimmer and I feel great that I did something I said I would do! :) it hurt real bad riding the bike but it was worth it :) will do another ramped up exercise week again and will have that great body by my birthday :)
Just read another lovely Maeve Binchy book. They are great reads and so relaxing, need more of that :).

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