Friday, February 21, 2014

Pretty Stuff

I dream of a garden filled with flowers and trees and swaying branches :) dappled sunlight and cookies on a plate near a gorgeous garden bench. Food is always involved hehehehe. So since I don't even have one tree in my yard, I will settle with flowers instead :) so I am starting to fill the garden sloooowly with flowers. I bought three terracotta pots and about ten different flowers and two bags of soil and it cost me $80, not too bad. I have tried to grow flowers from seed, but it has been so dry here lately that they didn't grow :(. I will try again now that it has rained just a little.

Here are the gorgeous flower pots....

Had this one already, this has daisy's and petunia's that are having trouble growing due to the lack of water :) My yard is bare :) will try and plant a tree.

Now for some quilting stuff :) I am nearly finished with my next one called My Heart! and am loving it.

In her hand will be pieces of her heart that I have sewn onto the wash away and there will be shattered pieces on the floor. Poor girl :) It gets better for her :)

I'm really loving her hair in this one, it isn't flying around the place as she is down and sad.... Also she has boring flat shoes with no bows to show that she doesn't care right now :)

I finally bought the most amazing fabric paint that I have wanted for so long!! I have a few colours already and have used all the gold and it is the best paint I have ever used. I am so excited to get these paints. Have a look if you need some fabric paint :) soooo gorgeous, and I am very curious to see what the gold black looks like :) I bought some more wash away from Kraftkolour as well as it was half the price as any other place I have found it. And I got some thinner as paint gets thicker over time and I can just add some thinner and wohooo I can use the paint again. Getting so excited about the most mundane stuff :)

Made some choc chip biscuits for the first time in moooonths!!! I have decided I am going to have to relax the diet just a little and up the exercise. I have been obessing over food this week and don't want to get too bad. Choc chip biscuits are a good start :) Next is choc chip hot cross buns hehehehe I am going to do my interval training twice in the morning and then throughout the day go for a killer bike ride up a huge hill in my area :) here comes a better body by my birthday :) dreams are good right??:)


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