Monday, December 9, 2013

A New One

I have that same problem as always, I think my latest piece looks like a child drew it :) I am very hesitant to even post a picture... I am using the wash away to make love hearts to be the leaves on the tree and floating on the breeze and will be in her basket. So at least that will look okay :)

These are the hearts with the wash away, love this stuff, very cool.

Ok, here is the undecided item, am I going to continue or not??? I have all these other drawings tied in with her and her heart, but if this one sucks, no go. I am hesitating whether it sucks too much or is on the border and I can do my machine work and transform it :) yeah that's what's going to happen. I am thinking of putting words into the sky, sound good? It is deliberately not a close up :)

Did a killer interval training workout today, did plank jumps and mountain climbers, both kill and tonight my legs are sooo sore!! I also did breakdance push ups, ouch ouch ouch. I collapse after the 8th one on each set, I did three sets this morning, and don''t forget the situps, but I don't mind them :) Off to bed to rest my legs :) then to get up and do it all again....
School holidays are one week away, I will remain positive and firm and convince the kids that there is no fighting in this home :) Leave me in my dream world for a while please.

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