Monday, December 30, 2013


In between eating myself a couple of kilo's heavier and all the school holiday arguments, I actually got some sewing done!!

Christmas day was at our home and I forgot to take any photos. Bummer. We had a great day though and so much yummy food. I made a huge trifle and forgot to put it out for dessert!! I got worried thinking I was going to have to eat it all myself. Oh no!! :) but no fear, my family side Christmas was boxing day so I took it along to that and it all went. Sigh, I really didn't mind just taking a spoon and eating it right out of the bowl. I could have done it and then entered Guinness book of records for the most trifle eaten at Christmas.

Instead I sat down with a bowl of chips and some leftover cheesecake shop baked cheesecake and watched two episodes of Person Of Interest. That was a great night. Definitely had a sugar hangover the next morning. Still worth it.

Only two weeks of school holidays has passed and it feels like sooo much longer. It has been good but just looong days. I want them to do lots of different things throughout the day, not just computers. I don't know how teachers do it. They are awesome. I am enjoying spending the time with the kids and it has been fun too, so will keep that in mind when they are going off at each other.

So here's a pic of the quilt, and now I am going to sew all these cute hearts onto the tree and floating though the air and in her basket. I have already done the two hearts for the next idea I have so I am excited to start on that even though I haven't even finished this one :).

Ok, so this is what happens when you leave the room and the kids get the camera, gross :)
His eyes are nearly popping out of his head hahahaha and I do not know what he is eating.

Gorgeous moon...

I made some yummy cinnamon rolls at Christmas and they were alot of work but worth it. A few of them didn't have enough filling in them and were a bit dry, but otherwise mmmmm
dough rising..... so cool

I stuck them in the garage to rise, and what a great idea, our garage is so hot and so they rose really well :)

Pretty Christmas present...

hearts ready to sew on the quilt

 It took me so long to sew this little pile of hearts!! it should have been double at least.

 Metallic thread still breaks!! So annoying.

 Looks really appetizing in the bag doesn't it :) I would make a great food photographer. If I took it out I would have eaten it and I have to control myself :). So it stayed in the bag. I ate the corner just so I could tell you it was good.
This one is especially yummy... crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside. Full of fatty goodness.

Now I am off to buy lots vegetables and fruit to conterbalance the sugar flowing through my body right now. I also made the most yummiest fudge too. Wow that really is a sugar rush. I am still exercising hehhehe which helps with the first mouthful of the cinnamon rolls. Addicted to Kitchen Cousins on HGTV at the moment, they are 20 minutes which is all I sit down at one time for. So fun to see gorgeous kitchens being built. Weird really, but fun.

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