Monday, December 16, 2013

More on the kids painting

Okay, so I decided I would go ahead with the kids painting :) I have all these ideas like I said for other ones and I am so excited for them. It is such a pity that what is in our heads  doesn't always translate onto paper :)

So I have done the hair and a bit of the dress. 

The eye lash and mouth are not touching, it just looks like it :)

It is school holidays, day two and the kids were already banned from the computer yesterday hehehehe good start. Today they are hanging with friends so it is a good day. So all I have to do is have friends over for the next 6 weeks and we will avoid the fighting. Good plan. 

Still exercising and putting myself through pain, but it is worth it since someone said I was skinny!!! Holy cow, I was so excited it was like I had won an award :) fist pumping ensued :) 

Discovered Miss Marple movies on netflix wohooo, so have been watching them while folding and cooking dinners, so cool. I like the real old ones with Joan Hickson :) the real Miss Marple.

So if anyone has any strength that they want to give me for Christmas, I would love that as  a gift, then I can get through the next six weeks :)

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