Friday, November 29, 2013

New Ideas

Ok, so I remembered that since I missed the quilt show, I no longer need to keep this gorgeous thing off etsy, I put the Dream Tree on.

I also put on the two I finished yesterday, so here's hoping someone likes them :).

I have had an idea!! I made sure I noted that my brain actually worked :) I have pages filled in my sketch book with a whole theme of a cute girl and her heart and its all about love. I am so excited to start!!! Bit busy to start today, but tomorrow let's go!!.

Off to a thanksgiving dinner at our American's friends tonight, will take photo's of the huge amount of food :) everything is done large for American's isn't it ?:) It's finally raining here and yesterday the temp was 34, today it's quite cool. Nice.

 I am loving the Gamache book already!! Louise Penny is amazing!! Unfortunately, locking myself away isn't going to happen. I am bringing some of the mash potato for the thanksgiving dinner so I am off to peel 6 kilo's of potatoes. Fun :) I will be watching Netflix to get me through it. Love Netflix, and Hulu.  

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