Thursday, November 28, 2013

So Much!!

Just came back from the optometrist so much poorer!! Wow, I shouldn't be shocked by how much everything costs and how every child costs me a fortune. Silly me I still get shocked.

My daughter needed some special focusing lenses, which I am very happy to know that it will help her. Her comment was "Wow everything has stopped moving around and I can read it so much better". So it is all worth it of course.

So I have finished the client order for a pillow/quilt. They look very cute :)

I finally listed the swirls with the inktense pencil, I ended up calling it Happiness With Colour. Trying to be more indepth and creative with my titles. It is a bit tricky sometimes :)

So I am really happy with this and love the colour that I get from the inktense pencils, just so vibrant.

Another big storm a while ago and can you see what I see ....:)

See the nose and the mouth and the eyebrow and it even looks like there is hair streaming back :)

And I have also finished my other piece, I did all the machine work first on this piece and then used the inktense pencils to colour in and shade. Love this one too, just need to bind it and this will be going on etsy too. 

You can see the S before I coloured it...

Now coloured, so fun!!

All Done :)

So now the bigges challenge is what next? Need an idea I think.
About to start the new Louise Penny book, so I could just disappear for a while, mmmm that sounds good :).

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