Friday, November 8, 2013

A Few Things.....

Life is a blur sometimes :) I think what adds to it is the endless washing and other repetitive chores that you do as a mother :) each day seems the same. We are already half way through the last term of school, that has definitely gone so fast!!.

So instead I enjoy moments like this.... gorgeous isn't it.

So now to enjoy every moment I can get before I blink and I am 80 :) Halloween was fun here. I put on a Halloween night at our church and it was great fun. Games and trick and treating car to car and boot decorating all added to a great night. The kids love dressing up.

I think my friend really looks like a witch :)

And this is what I have been working on

 So these are the bags that I have made with the gorgeous beading and trimming. I managed to find all the organza and fabric in my cupboard :) And yet it still hurt to cut up the fabric too :)

This is a small wholecloth quilt I am experimenting with, I have traced the design on with a template and then will colour in later with my inktense pencils and I bought some more gorgeous colours - a pink and another gorgeous green so I am excited to try them out, oh and some metallic colours but I am not sure they will work with the fabric medium, experimenting is fun though.
Love doing all the filler work.. oh and this is on gorgeous raw silk, it so beautiful.

Inner circle

Some lattice around the swirl

 This is the finished swirly inktense piece, love love love it. I am enjoying it for a while before I put it on Etsy. This is on raw silk as well. Better photo to come :)

Just love how vibrant the colours are, they really pop!!

I have just finished another really lovely book called The Wedding Bees by Sarah Kate-Lynch and it was really lovely. The book I am reading right now is called The Monuments Men and it is a non fiction book about ten men who repatriated stolen art from the Nazi's. It is brilliant and I love it. 
Thank goodness for the weekend and sleep ins and no exercise. Here's for a relaxing one.

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