Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pretty Things

Well I went to the craft fair and had a great time. Didn't buy too much, just some really pretty things

With these so very pretty beady ribbon combination, I will be making my own lavender bags as you can see below.... gorgeous I think

And these two very pretty lace pieces will be also going on lavender bags, just for something different

So cute don't you think??

I also have nearly finished my latest commission baby quilt....

Just need to bind it and iron and wash and snip threads..... yeah nearly finished :) 

This was a couple of days ago, just thought it was so gorgeous, the sun setting through the clouds, what little clouds there are, we haven't had rain for soooo long. 60% of our state is drought declared and the grass is so dry it hurts to walk on it :) because that compares to being a drought declared farmer :)

So tired tonight!! Just dealing with the two youngest. They get soooo silly, not naughty just nuts!! and I swear it seems that they have not got their brain switched on sometimes, or most of the time :) so tiring dealing with them and keeping calm and saying the same thing over and over and over and over..... ughhh anyway they are in bed and suitable chastened and hopefully (ha!) thinking about how they can stop being so silly.
On something more fun :) I watched the first episode of Sleepy Hollow today, very cool and fun. Another show to add to my watch list. And I am also reading a fantastic book called Lady of Ashes by Christine Trent and it is set in Victorian London and she is an undertaker and all the intricacies with dealing with all that and her husband goes missing.... I am absolutely enjoying it.

And another milestone in my exercising today, I nearly fainted!! Wohooo really pushing myself :) man it hurt again!! Will get up tomorrow and do it all again :) just without the fainting feeling :)

Off to finish the quilt and watch another episode of Sleepy Hollow

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