Thursday, May 9, 2013

Metallic Thread!!

Okay, so I put Luminous on my Etsy site, hoping it will sell of course :) and get me a few more hits. I was going to keep this one as I love it, but bills are there and need to be paid :). Life.

Working on the tree.....

Really enjoying doing all the different swirls and patterns to make the 'bark' on the tree.

Just started doing the leaves and this metallic thread is working much better so far.

This photo is interesting in that it looks like the swirly tree branches are popping out and yet it is the other way round, trick photography :) by accident hehehe It looks so much better in person.

I have been using by awesome metallic thread from Superior threads and it has always been great, but this time it snapped constantly!! very annoying but it is so gorgeous that I just put up with it :) it hasn't been that bad before. I am using a marathon metallic thread for the leaves and it is great too.

Mothers day coming up...... will I get breakfast in bed? Chances are that it wouldn't be that great if I do :)
Reading a book called Elegance by Kathleen Tessaro and am loving it. I have gotten her next three novels and really can't wait to read them all. Her latest looks fantastic too, The perfume Collector and it sounds so dreamy and just what we all want, some unknown person to leave us money :)

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