Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I am making another baby quilt, this time I surprised myself and made the quilt top in two days, in my spare time. Go me :) Even painted the squares with the cute animals. I will now do all the cool free motion work on it. 
 Yes I need to iron it but phhh ironing!! :)

 But before that, I am working on this first :)

Mmmmm lovely gold swirls to colour in with thread. 
Doing the healthy eating plan here and right now I really really really want to eat some chocolate. I will look up my fitness pal and work out how much I can eat. You need chocolate right? :) Watching second season of Continuum and really enjoying it. Watched the first episode of Revolution and thought it was okay. Will give it another couple of episodes to see if it can get better. What are you watching? 

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