Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Now that the metallic thread on the leaves is all done, I am now doing the gorgeous feathers. I am trying to give the impression that they are floating down from the tree...

At the top of the quilt, hoping this give the impression of leaves being blown about too :)

Gorgeous metallic thread, this is the marathon metallic thread and it hardly snapped at all. Totally impressed with this thread.

Went to the beach for Mothers Days with all the mums and just managed to catch the rainbow, bottom left hand corner and there was no one else in the picture! just shadows... gorgeous isn't it. It was such a windy day and ended up packing up early, still a lovely day though.

Raining/overcast here again, husband had to take the bike to work as I need the car, here's praying he doesn't get wet. Feel bad that he is on a motorbike in this weather. I think I will make myself a jarra hot chocolate to feel better :).

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