Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New One

Ok, so this is  my new art quilt. It is a whole cloth mini quilt. Start small I say :). I started by finding a basic mandala pattern and then cropped and cut and pasted till it looked like I wanted it to, then I found a tile program on the net, put the picture in and then the program tiled it to how many tiles I wanted it to be, which was 4, then I printed it out and stuck them together!. Very cool and easy. And free :) sweet.

I then got one of the studio lights we use for my videos and carefully laid it down under my glass table, stuck the pattern on the table and then put the fabric on top. It took me about 5 hours to trace the pattern, the light got pretty hot as it is 500 watts :) so I had to turn it off after a while to give the light and me a break. But it is the best light for it as it is so bright. One day I will make myself a light box.

I traced the pattern with a yellow pencil, but unfortunately it started to rub off and fade!! After all that work too, so I went over the design with a black pen, which also started to fade. This was a good thing of course as I don't want black pen left on the pattern. I just made sure I worked real fast to not miss the pattern. Will have to go and find really good marking pens and pencils and try them all out and then I can do a review on them :).

So now I have sewn all the design on with a gorgeous old antique gold thread, nearly used it all so need to buy more, oh no have to buy more thread! :) what a pain. :) And now I am thinking about how to free motion the left over bits. I think it will be lots of bubbles and outlines and tiny swirls. Lots of fun.

All this sewing is helping me to stop eating. Christmas season gave me a taste for yummy delicious food again and now I don't want to go back to the diet. Darn. Addicted to sugar again. Doesn't help when I found a great recipe for a delicious chewy chocolate gingerbread cookies and wow I can't stop eating them mmmmm.

Here's for trying

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