Sunday, January 13, 2013

Trying to be more creative

Well I finished the whole cloth mini quilt, have a look here and so moved onto another quilt that a client has asked me to make. This one I wanted to add too many things I think and when I started, lining it all up and making sure it was completely in the middle and symmetrical. I then looked at it and realised it did not look good at all. I had put a heart in there and it looked cheesy, bummer!! So I got out the fabric and started again. I had trouble getting back into the good groove, when I felt that I had gotten it wrong with the last one I had real trouble stopping the doubt of thinking this one sucked too :) It took me till about half way through and I stepped back and thought, Ok now it is looking not too bad.

So I have finished painting and now have started the free motion sewing, and I think it looks even better :).  Have a look and see what you think.

So there you have it, half way through and surprisingly ahead of deadline. Which is a great feeling :)

Have been reading some books lately but so far they are all very average and not worth mentioning. I have been watching The Walking Dead tv series and am totally transfixed by it. It is such great writing that I finish an episode and sit there thinking about the characters and what they are going to do to get out of their fix :) absolutely sucks me in and I love it. What about you? Any good tv shows or movies lately?


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