Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Magic Cupboard!

So I have been quiet finishing off the commissioned quilt and it is now done and the client happy. Of Course :)
Then I got the urge to cut up fabric and sew it together again. Ever get that? Well I thought since I am not the best piecer I would just go with something real easy. And I mean easy :)

So this is what I did........

I told you it was basic :) pretty hopefully. I really just want a big space to do my free motion :)


This is the one I am working on, ready on my machine

 A red one.....

What I decided to do was pick one stack out of my fabric cupboard and make a quilt out of that. I chose the colour on white, love them, and brought out that stack and cut away. Well I made enough for three quilts and there is still a pile there!!!! I have a magic fabric cupboard hahahahaha
So the bits that are left I am going to use as binding. I am determined to use a whole stack up.

And I wanted to make quilts with my whole fabric cupboard as I though, well it is just sitting there doing nothing. Wow! how many would I make? Maybe I can just cut them up into big squares and join them together that way:) have an never ending quilt that will go into the Guiness Book of Records :)
Imagine trying to get that under a domestic sewing machine hehehehe.

Talking about sewing machines, I tried to enter the Gammill competition where you were to name their new sit down long arm machine and you could win one. Well you entered on facebook and it kept crashing on me when I entered. Sigh, tried so many times and I think that it was because I was not an American citizen. So sad!! I would have totally won and then had a sit down machine :) for freeeee :) (see bedtime stories for reference:)

So out of all my fabric I made three quilts with lots left over. And then to top it off my local quilt shop was having THE best sale, $3.95 a metre!!! Well at least I have some room :) hehehehe but I resisted, well it was more the fact that school has gone back and mega bills and no more money than resistance. 
I am determined to make quilts out of all this, if you have a great pattern let me know. 

On another note, SCHOOL IS BACK!!!! Wow, how amazing does it feel to have a bit of quiet. But I cannot believe how fast the time went and then it was 3pm!!!! Sad face as my daughter says hehehhe


  1. I like the colours in the 1st quilt. A bit of quiet has been so blissful today. Have fun make the biggest quilt ever ;o)

    1. Another quiet day :) Not sure about that quilt :) having trouble with this one :)

  2. I have a magic craft cupboard...no matter how much I use there is always more!!!!!

    1. Life is wonderful with a magic cupboard isn't it ?:)