Thursday, December 20, 2012

Another New One :)

About 2 months ago I bought a new sewing machine. Not the one of my dreams :) but still a good one that will do all the things I need it to do. Then it started having problems and I ended up taking it back to the store twice. The first time they fixed it, the second time they said they couldn't. There were no more sewing machines of my model left, sooo they gave me an upgrade!! I had a brother nx400 and now I have a Brother nv400. And there is a big difference. I really really love it. The store, Echidna sewing club, were so helpful and willing to help me out when I had problems with the machine, very happy with the service. So now I am sewing on this...

This sewing machine is great!! It feels so solid and I noticed that compared to my last one, this has more metal parts, the needle itself appears to have been made of a stronger metal and the feeling of sewing on it is really smooth and nearly industrial. Just feels great. Still working out what all the buttons on the side do :) but they look cool :).

Now this is some more work on the book tree, I am liking it a lot more and it looks so much better in person :) Of course :)
 Soon I will put the puffed wheat/book pages on and then magically they will look like books :).

School holidays are going ok, not too much arguing and not too much computers. Time alone would be wonderful, but that will have to wait. Working on another youtube video for my channel, it should be up soon. Then straight into making another one. They are fun to do but who likes hearing themselves back?:)


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