Thursday, January 15, 2015

Trees and school holiday

I finished the mosaic tree art quilt. I love it and had so much fun doing this one!!:) I am hoping to sell it on etsy for $1000,000 hehehhe. Well I think it's worth it. Imagine the sewing machine I could buy for that!! :) 
So I want a new sewing machine. I do believe I can hear my poor little sewing machine slowly dying. I can hear it slowing down bit by bit. So I am saving my money for a really great sewing machine. I am going to get a Janome horizon. Once school is back, I am hitting sewing shops and test driving that thing and seeing if it is any good. I will try other machines too, fun fun fun!:). 

School holidays are going a bit better than I thought. One more week left and I intend to keep them busy. We have been to the beach and swimming so much I still have water in my ears :) movies and friends over have helped with the arguing too. I am feeling good about myself that I only lost it about twice hehehhe, it's the arguing that does my head in!!!

Here's my future sewing machine

So now I have begun on a bed quilt for my bed, this will take me a while and I need to work out how long it actually takes me, as that's handy for future clients I think :)

Gorgeous colours aren't they!! Love them and I can't wait to see it all together.

Just read notorious nineteen by Janet Evanovich, I used to love these books, but his one I didn't enjoy so much. I know she has a few more, I am debating whether to try another. Such deep decisions!!! 
And talking about deep stuff.... Tv has come back from their break, and castle is a bigggg disappointment. Castle already gets you to suspend all reality, but it does help to at least have some semblance of a storyline!!. Anyone else seen the latest episode? It took me all afternoon to watch it due to school holidays hehehehehe

Now off to make dinner, I am getting my kids more involved in cooking, so my oldest is going to make dinner with my assistance :) burritos should be a good start :).


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