Tuesday, January 20, 2015


It's a bit cooler today, so cleaning out the veggie patch is enjoyable now:) 

Well that took me a couple of hours but it is done!!:) now for more yummy veggies :) the kids will be so excited to have zucchinis and cauliflower galore!!:) 

Also working on this

I usually do more painted pictures, but my husband only let me know that he wanted me to make a quilt for a friend at work who is having a baby:) it still looks gorgeous. Beautiful fabric. 
This is my favourite

It is cinder berries and I love love her work. 

Here is my bed quilt waiting while I am shoving in the baby quilt 


The pile is so big it has fallen over hahahaha, that might take a while :) 
Got a pile of books out of the library and so far I haven't gotten into any of them, so back to Agatha Christie, the queen:), reading appointment with death. It's fantastic, of course :) lost count how many times I have read it:). 

Off to have a huge drink after all that gardening, and maybe some of that lemon slice I made..... Mmmmmmmm or even the mini raspberry and white chocolate hot cross buns I bought :).