Sunday, December 7, 2014

More yummy food

So as to last post, here's some more treats from Japan...... :) 

This is the mystery one :), we don't know what it is inside.....

It is nougat!! And it is tasty too :) 

It is like a chocolate gob stopper :)

It seems like you make tacos out of them, they wobble like they are rubber hahaha

It's a grape vine of lollies!! Hahaha 

Look like chopsticks.... Taste like chewing gum!!:) which we think it is :) 

Just so cute!!:)

This is the grape vine packaging 

This makes me laugh, like a cartoon story on a chip packet :)

Okay just tried them, ughhhhhhh hehehe

The whole bounty

So now the kids are totally high on sugar, we will go sit and look at photos hahahahaha


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